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Congratulations to July 31 Winners: Andy Bachetti, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., James Cornell, Rich Green, A.J. Miller, Bob Crandall and Doug O'Hara!

2015 Racing Season

Friday, July 31 Racing ~ Boulder Oil Company Night ~ Results

Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Andy Bachetti, Brett Tonkin, Mike Mahaney, Nick Nye, Ken Titus, Rusty Smith, Steve Babicek, Mitch Gibbs, Alex Tonkin, Darwin Greene, Jim Mahaney, J.R. Hurlburt, Dan Humes, John DeForest, Matt Latwinski

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Alan Barker, Pat O’Hanlon, Butch Klinger, Dwayne Jackson, Kevin Coons, Rodney Hart, Cory Pike, Gary Card Jr., Brandon Walters, Aaron Shelton, Jim Gould, Duane Knapp, Geordie Decker, Matt Priscott, Shea Montgomery, Harold Humphrey, Crate Bonus: Matt Priscott $75 Shea Montgomery $50

IMCA Modified Empire Series Race (25 Laps):

James Cornell, Will Ward, Chris Fleming, Gary Roberts, Kurt Decker, Eddie Sites, Matt Cole, Tim Vandemark, Rodney Morgan, Brad Smith, Beau Ballard, Tyler Stoddard, Logan Terry, Jason Benjamin, Jamie Hurlburt, Bobby Collins, Mike Stoddard, Gary Smith, Rich Karlnoski, Keith Lamphere

Olum’s Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Rich Green, Shawn Boynton, Doug Polhamus, Matt Bowman, Tom Savercool, Dustin Harris, Steve Polhamus, Damon Decker, Rob Nober, Shawn Stalker, Bob Mills, Ralph Cuozzo Jr. DNS Paul Harrington, Matt Thies

Empire Toyota Scion Xcel Modifieds (20 Laps):

A.J. Miller, Will Eastman, Eric Boyd, Steven Sherwood, Mike Mahaney, Kyle Fallis, Kamdin Maby, Jared Jordan, Dana Davies, Chris Kithcart, Charlie Tibbits, C.J. Jochum, Paul Deruyter DNS Bailey Boyd

EST Rained Out Feature from July 17 (15 Laps):

Bob Crandall, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Doug O’Hara, Rob Loucks, Dustin Wilber, Wayne Van Dusen Jr., Tim French, Allan Hodge, Dylan Decker, Ben Beecher, Joe Bunt, Leah Anne Humphrey DNS Brandon Clapperton, Skip Pickwick

Empire Sport Trucks (15 Laps):

Doug O’Hara, Rob Loucks, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Allan Hodge, Dustin Wilber, Bob Crandall, Wayne Van Dusen Jr., Tim French Jr., Darryl Humphrey, Dylan Decker, Brandon Clapperton, Skip Pickwick, Joe Bunt, Ben Beecher

Friday, July 24 Racing ~ VerNooy's Automotive Excellence & Wagner Nineveh Night ~ Results

Modified Winner Darwin Greene
Darwin Greene wins the modified class on 07/24/2015

Sportsman Winner Alan Barker
Alan Barker wins in the Sportsman class on 07/24/2015

Sportsman Winner Travis Smith (Make-up from June 12)
Travis Smith wins in the Sportsman class on 07/24/2015

IMCA Modified Winner Tim Vandemark
Tim Vandemark wins in the IMCA Modified class on 07/24/2015

Street Stock Winner Damon Decker
Damon Decker wins in the Street Stock class on 07/24/2015

4 Cylinder Truck Winner Rob Loucks
Rob Loucks wins in the 4 Cylinder Truck class on 07/24/2015

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Darwin Greene won a three car battle with Andy Bachetti and Mike Mahaney to win his first Greg Page Construction Modified feature of the season at I-88 Speedway on Vernooy's Automotive Excellence and Wagner Nineveh Night. Greene, of Susquehanna PA took the lead from early race leader Nick Nye. Nye, of Cortland, led the early laps of the event until Jim Mahaney make contact with the front stretch wall bringing out the caution on lap six. The damage to the King Ferry driver's car ended the night for Mahaney.

On the ensuing restart Nye chose the outside lane and when the green flag waved both Greene and Sheffield MA driver Andy Bachetti both slipped under Nye shuffling him back to third place.

With the three leaders running the outside line, ninth starting Mike Mahaney was working his way to the front using the inside line. On lap ten Mahaney caught Nye and moved into third place.

At the halfway point of the 30 lap race the top three runners were separated by two car lengths with Greene running a high line, Bachetti riding in the middle and Mahaney using the low side. On lap 19 the leaders came off turn four three wide with Greene maintaining his lead. Six laps later Mahaney would pass Bachetti coming off turn four to move into second place but was unable to run down the leader.

View the Recap for 07/24/2015.

View the points standing as of 07/24/2015:
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* No change in Xcel Modified Points

Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Darwin Greene, Mike Mahaney, Andy Bachetti, Brett Tonkin, J.R. Hurlburt, Mitch Gibbs, Rusty Smith, Ken Titus, Tommy Meier, Steve Babicek, Matt Latwinski, Alex Tonkin, Nick Nye, Jim Mahaney, Jamie Batzel

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Alan Barker, Brandon Walters, Harold Humphrey, Rodney Hart, Butch Klinger, Kevin Coons, Pat O’Hanlon, Mike Barrett, Shea Montgomery, Cory Pike, Duane Knapp, Dwayne Jackson, Matt Priscott, Dave Rosa, Rob Loucks, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Travis Smith DNS Don Hart Crate Bonus: Shea Montgomery $75, Matt Priscott $50

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps, Makeup from June 12):

Travis Smith, Gary Card Jr., Cory Pike, Brandon Walters, Harold Humphrey, Alan Barker, Butch Klinger, Kevin Coons, Dave Rosa, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Pat O’Hanlon, Dwayne Jackson, Matt Priscott, Mike Barrett, Rob Loucks, Duane Knapp, Rodney Hart DNS Aaron Shelton Crate Bonus: Matt Priscott $75

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps):

Tim Vandemark, Mike Stoddard, Will Ward, Matt Cole, James Cornell, Tyler Stoddard, Gary Roberts, Beau Ballard, Nate Degraw, Jamie Hurlburt, Chris Shultis, Joe Utter, Gary Smith, Kurt Decker, Bill Ward

Olum’s Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Damon Decker, Matt Bowman, Bob Mills, Tom Savercool, Shawn Boynton, Rob Nober, Steve Polhamus, Dustin Harris, Matt Thies, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Dave Van Buren, Pat Votra, Doug Polhamus

4 Cylinder Trucks (15 Laps):

Rob Loucks, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Bob Crandall, Dustin Wilber, Wayne Van Dusen Jr., Dylan Decker, Allan Hodge DNS Brandon Clapperton, Tyler Hart

Wednesday, July 22 Racing - Crazy 8s Special ~ Unofficial Results

Modified Winner Stewart Friesen
Stewart Friesn wins the modified class on 07/22/2015

Grit Sportsman winner Josh Keesey
Josh Keesey wins in the Grit Sportsman class on 07/22/2015

Xcel Modifieds Winner Brian Carber
Brian Carber wins in the Xcel Modified class on 07/22/2015

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Crazy 8’s Modified Finish (48 Laps):

Stewart Friesen, Andy Bachetti, Jeff Heotzler, Danny Creeden, Jerry Higbie, Billy Van Pelt, Danny Johnson, Tyler Siri, Rich Ricci, Mitch Gibbs, Brett Tonkin, Shaun Walker, Jim Mahaney, J.R. Heffner, Jacki Brown Jr., Cory Costa Mike Ricci, Tommy Meier, Rusty Smith, Mike Mahaney, Brian Malcolm, Rick Laubach, Michael Sabia, Tyler Dippel, Erick Rudolph, Gary Tomkins, Jeff Strunk, Anthony Perrego

SUNY Canton GRIT Sportsmen Finish (25 Laps):

Josh Keesey, Alan Barker, Jake Dgien, Rocky Warner, Stacy Jackson, Frank Guererri, Matt Hitchcock, Casey Pavlick, Tyler Boniface, Ray Bliss, Pat Jordan, Dale Welty, Gary Card Jr., Dustin Jordan Bobby Peoples, Allison Ricci, Shea Montgomery, Brett Buono, Brandon Martin, Rick Powell, Dominic Roselli, David Doig Jr., Kenny Peoples

Xcel Modified UNOFFICIAL Finish (20 Laps):

Brian Carber, Steven Sherwood, Will Eastman, Josh Pepe, Drew Fallis, Mike Mahaney, Kyle Fallis, Kamdin Maby, AJ Miller, Eric Boyd, Dana Davis, Aaron Bowes, Bobby Butler, CJ Jochum, Doug Windhousen, Wyatt Harrar, Brian Blankenmiller, Bailey Boyd, Dylan McCrone, Shawn Schibilia DNS Paul Deruyter, Dakota Anderson








Friday, July 17 Racing ~ Certified Auto Outlet Night ~ Results

Modified Winner Mike Mahaney
Mike Mahaney wins the modified class on 07/17/2015

IMCA Modified Winner James Cornell
James Cornell wins in the IMCA Modified class on 07/17/2015

Street Stock Winner Damon Decker
Damon Decker wins in the Street Stock class on 07/17/2015

SRP Sprint Winner Dustin Jochum
Dustin Jochum wins in the SRP Sprint class on 07/17/2015

4 Cylinder Truck Winner Ralph Cuozzo Jr.
Ralph Cuozzo Jr. wins in the 4 Cylinder Truck class on 07/17/2015

Xcel Modifieds Winner Steven Sherwood
Steven Sherwood wins in the Xcel Modified class on 07/17/2015

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A week off due to the Afton Fair rodeo didn't cool down Mike Mahaney as the King Ferry driver captured his third consecutive Greg Page Construction Modified feature win on Friday night at I-88 Speedway. Mahaney started ninth in the 19 car field and broke into the top five by the second lap. Pole sitter Darwin Greene took the lead at the start of the race but was challenged by defending Modified track champion Brett Tonkin of Tunkhannock PA. Tonkin would slip under Greene on lap four to take the lead but his time at the front would end quickly when his ride slowed in turn two.

The race restarted with Susquehanna PA's Greene the leader, Paul Jensen of Edmeston second and Mahaney had now worked his way into third place. After a caution on the first restart attempt, Jensen took advantage of his outside front row restart position and took the lead when the green flag waved. Greene would recapture the lead as Jensen went high in four allowing Greene to make the pass.

With Greene leading Jensen went high in turn two on lap 7 and when he came off the turn made contact with Andy Bachetti who was running the bottom of the speedway. Jensen spun out in front of the oncoming pack and collected a number of cars including invaders Jeff Strunk of Bechtelsville PA, Westfield PA's Billy Van Pelt and Carbondale's Alex Tonkin ending the night for Jensen, Strunk and Van Pelt.

View the Recap for 07/17/2015.

Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Mike Mahaney, Shaun Walker, J.R. Hurlburt, Rusty Smith, Steve Babicek, Dillon Groover, Mitch Gibbs, Alex Tonkin, Mike Sabia, Brett Tonkin, Jim Mahaney, Nick Nye, Jamie Batzel, Darwin Greene, Paul Jensen, Andy Bachetti, Jeff Strunk, Billy Van Pelt, Ken Titus

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Alan Barker, Cory Pike, Dave Rosa, Brandon Walters, Pat O’Hanlon, Travis Smith, Butch Klinger, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Harold Humphrey, Shea Montgomery, Rodney Hart, Dwayne Jackson, Matt Priscott, Jim Gold, Gary Card Jr., Kevin Coons

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps):

James Cornell, Will Ward, Gary Roberts, Tyler Stoddard, Gary Smith, Beau Ballard, Mike Stoddard, Kurt Decker, Tim Vandemark, Richard Clew, Brian Mills, Nate Degraw, Bobby Collins, Chris Shultis, Matt Cole, Bill Ward

Olum’s Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Damon Decker, Dustin Harris, Matt Bowman, Tom Savercool, Doug Polhamus, Rob Nober, Steve Polhamus, Matt Thies, Bob Mills, Tyler Yeagle, Shawn Stalker, Shawn Boynton, Ralph Cuozzo Jr.

SRP Sprints (15 Laps):

Dustin Jochum, Chris Stockham, Cheyenna Ling, Gary Kratzer, Lisa Kratzer, Kayle Burns, Bob Johnson, Bill Nichols, John Kenyon, Matt Padbury

4 Cylinder Trucks (Make-up Feature from June 12):

Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Rob Loucks, Bob Crandall, Dylan Decker, Wayne Van Dusen Jr., Dustin Wilber, Tim French, Doug O’Hara DNS Brandon Clapperton, Allan Hodge

Empire Toyota Scion Xcel Modifieds (20 Laps):

Steven Sherwood, Will Eastman, Eric Boyd, Drew Fallis, Kamdin Maby, A.J. Miller, Mike Mahaney, Bailey Boyd, Bryan Sherwood, C. J. Jochum, Kyle Fallis, Dakota Anderson

American Racer/Lias Tire Southern Tier Challenge Cup: 2015 Rules & Procedures

The Southern Tier Challenge Cup, offering nearly $10,000 in cash and product for drivers competing in big-block/small-block divisions, is sponsored by American Racer and regional tire distributor Lias Tire of Indiana, Pa. For addtional information read the 2015 Rules & Procedures Flyer.

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